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Project Safe Space

At BN Counseling, Project Safe Space is a therapeutic skillset that assists individuals and corporations with maximizing the efficiency of spaces in their homes, corporate offices, eateries, private practices, etc. through the utilization of low-cost expert interior staging and decorating. The goal of Project Safe Space is to create maximal functioning and productivity, while at the same time, produce a safe ‘holding’ space where family, friends, corporate guests, clients, and patients are made to feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe.

Research shows that how you “sense” or “connect” with a particular space has a direct bearing on the way you consciously and/or unconsciously interact with others who happen to be sharing that space with you. For example, some waiting rooms with close seating arrangements tend to invoke feelings of privacy invasion and increased anxiety whereas other waiting rooms are purposefully designed to avoid that particular staging issue as well as others.

Being that we live in a multicultural world, interior designing and decorating practices in our homes and offices often embrace and reflect our heritage, culture, profession, company mission statement, spirituality, etc. Therefore, Project Safe Space seeks to incorporate ‘your vision’ by working collaboratively to re-create and maximize your offices and/or rooms while utilizing expert knowledge on the skillful use of lighting, Fung Shui, color, space arrangement, mirror placement, and other appropriate visual props and cues.

Please remember that Project Safe Space is monetarily customizable to fit most budgets and we will gladly assist you with a payment plan if needed. Lastly, at BN Counseling, our vision is to help others, now we are giving you a mutual opportunity to help yourself and others by providing“safe spaces.”