BN Counseling, LLC

Coaching and Counseling Social, Emotional and Relational Life Management Skills

Therapeutic Framework

At BN Counseling, our therapeutic framework and approach is guided by the virtues of:

  • An empathetic acceptance and optimistic support of our client’s resiliency and tenacity
  • A curious observation of the client’s insights, perceptions, concerns, interpretations and initiatives
  • Our assessment of a client comes from an understanding of the impact of circumstances on a person, free from moral judgments of life choices, getting to know the client as a whole and complete person.
  • This assessment includes the awareness of the client’s unique personal and social history and exploring the harmful impact of trauma and unfortunate life circumstances, on the client’s sense of self.
  • Our psychodynamic approach of practical and sensible coping strategies, mindfully combine cognitive, behavioral, emotional, physical health and spiritual applications of Active Hope.
  • Our groups, workshops and presentations provide social support that can alleviate distress caused by isolation, rejection, and lack of role models.
  • Identity exploration is an active process of exploring and assessing one’s character strengths and virtues, and establishing a commitment to an integrated identity that addresses the identity conflicts, again without moral judgments.
  • To provide compassionate therapy, by understanding clients’ perception and attitude towards living, towards their SELF and commonness to their family and the people who surround them.
  • We are the result of what we repeatedly feel, believe and think. The goal of counseling is to respectfully understand the meaning and protective functions of a client’s beliefs, rituals and habitual attachments. It will help us discover reforming strengths, that soothe deprivations and propel change.