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Community Citizenship

Citizenship or civic participation consists of behaviors, attitudes, and actions that reflect concern and active membership in the community in an informed, committed, and constructive manner, with a focus on the common good.

At BN Counseling, our expressions of civic responsibility are exhibited by:

  • I Believe In Me Photography Book is a compelling black & white photography book aimed to promote high school graduation by having graduating students impart 1-advise to younger students.
  • I Believe In Me Photography Exhibition at IKEA, Elizabeth. The exhibition was an extension of the awareness for a ‘stay-in-school’ mindset. The exhibition entailed 20-displays from the photography book.
  • People Who’ve Addressed My Life. This is a reflective address book, geared towards a consideration of pivotal role models in our lives who have served to mold and shape our being.
  • Body Blast Project. The Body Blast Project is a 12-week health-based intervention program for overweight adolescents aimed at helping them lose weight, increase self-esteem and promote healthy living; achieved through a combination of mental health counseling, exercise classes, nutrition education, meal-planning, and recreational activities.
  • Standing Tall: Insights on Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Youth Documentary. A project based on the theme “What is 1-advise you would give a Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual teen?”. The documentary functions to support teens in their understanding of their orientation and identity, as well as to educate adults who may encounter Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual teens.

Active Hope

On May 19th, 2023, Brian Nandy presented at the TEDxBayonne event about the practice of ACTIVE HOPE. He talked about how hope had to be activated and cultivated to overcome psychological battles, and how one’s envisioned future is dependent upon how active does a person participated in their self-improvement and ambitions. He offers four practical ways to practice active hope, that gets us to unstuck from our despair and propels our potential.

On March 7, 2022, Brian Nandy, in collaboration with his Creative Director friend, Karen Yen, published My HopeFULL Journey Workbook and My HopeFULL Journey Vision Map  as a way to attend to the hopelessness that many experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Hopeful Journey Workbook

Specifically, the Vision Map and Workbook were ways for family and friends, as well as clients and patients, to be able to engage in the creation of their preferred realities.

My HopeFULL Journey Vision Map was first inspired by the vision board practice. Envisioning hopeful possibilities engages various right-brain and left-brain processes. The Vision Map allows for big-picture thinking and hope-FILLED contemplations.

My HopeFULL Journey Vision Map also functions as a living contract where one can continue to change and add on newly inspired ideas. The Vision Map is designed to be framed and displayed as art where one is reminded about their hopes and dreams. We create what we pay attention to, consciously and unconsciously.

My HopeFULL Journey Workbook is a companion to the HopeFULL Journey Vision Map.

My HopeFULL Journey Workbook offers a pensive and interactive opportunity to address 18 areas of a person’s life with a series of clarifying insights and questions that uncover deeper layers of your authenticity.

My HopeFULL Journey Workbook is a companion to the HopeFULL Journey Vision Map. They will give you the space to:

  • Identify unhealthy beliefs that have held you back
  • Uncover and make peace with your circumstance
  • Align your hopes and dreams with healthier beliefs
  • Deeply understand yourself and rewrite your story of significance
  • Map out your personalized journey to explore your higher possibilities

My HopeFULL Journey Workbook: An intuitive guide for a HopeFULL driven life can be found on Amazon here.