BN Counseling, LLC

Coaching and Counseling Social, Emotional and Relational Life Management Skills

Adolescents / Teenagers (12 – 18)

Young Teens | 12-14 years old

At BN Counseling, we emotionally and socially helped adolescents with:

  1. Concern about body image, looks, and clothes
  2. High expectations and lack of confidence
  3. Moodiness, sadness, depression and defiance at home
  4. Interests in clicks & peer pressure
  5. Anxiety and stress from school work
  6. Eating and cutting problems
  7. Concerns about drugs, alcohol and sex

Children in this age group can benefit from counseling:

  1. Expanding their capacity to reflect
  2. Improve communication and listening skills
  3. Improve decision making, judgments and insight
  4. Strengthen the sense of honesty, accountability and trust
  5. Distinguish blame, stubbornness and punishment from protective corrective consequences
  6. Organizational and goal setting skills.

Adolescence | Ages 15-18

At BN Counseling, we emotionally and socially helped adolescents with:

  1. Discovering an authentic sense of self and personal identity.
  2. Understanding puberty changes that manifest sexually and emotionally
  3. Teenage love
  4. Conflict with parents
  5. Boundaries, procrastination and motivation

Children in this age group can benefit from counseling by:

  1. Developing a healthy perception and attitude toward life
  2. Develop discipline and work habits.
  3. Considering future school and carrier plans, ambition and purpose
  4. Integrating emotional and reasoning abilities to make sensible decisions

The characteristic of late teens is their passion and the importance of social relationships. It is a new “Who Am I?” understanding of their self, personal identity and social role. It is a particularly hard time of growing up. They are experiencing all kinds of new changes in their bodies and in their feelings. As well, they often feel misunderstood as they are struggling to leave behind their childhood and become adults. Adolescence has commonly been characterized by issues such as rebellious behavior, lying, cheating, school performance problems, negative attitudes, disobedience and disrespect, sibling rivalry, drug and alcohol abuse, pressures from peers, depression, and issues of sexuality.

Adapted from Thomas Armstrong, The Human Odyssey:  Navigating the Twelve Stages of Life.  New York:  Sterling, 2008.