BN Counseling, LLC

Coaching and Counseling Social, Emotional and Relational Life Management Skills

College Stage (18 – 24)

At BN Counseling, we emotionally and socially helped Adults with:

  1. Developing Competence
  2. Managing Emotions
  3. Moving through Autonomy toward Interdependence
  4. Developing Mature Interpersonal relationships
  5. Establishing Identity
  6. Developing Purpose
  7. Developing Integrity

Adults in this age group can benefit from counseling by:

  1. Integrating their identity and enhance their intellectual development
  2. Internalize a personal set of beliefs and values and expand on their personality
  3. Organizing with increasing complexity, which are driven by social role expectations
  4. Realizing their capacity for expertise, wisdom and spirituality
  5. Processing their initial choices in love, occupation, friendship, values, lifestyle

When their behavior conflicts with the social role expectation, the person experiences a developmental crisis, which is good. It forces the person to evaluate his/her current behavior and thinking and to adjust. This transition stage is characterized by an overlap of both the pre-adulthood stage and the early adulthood stage. Individualization is greater because one now has the capacity to plan for the future. A significant distancing from the family occurs which further solidifies their transition into adulthood.