BN Counseling, LLC

Coaching and Counseling Social, Emotional and Relational Life Management Skills

Individual Counseling

Everyone needs someone to talk to. Our goal at BN Counseling is to help adults meet their basic emotional needs. It is a process that helps our clients arrive at a healthier and happier way of living.

Individual counseling can help you:

  • Develop a resilient growth mindset
  • Align a healthier belief with your vision of prosperity
  • Redefine your self-concept during a transitional life phase
  • Clarify your purpose

The benefits and value of individual counseling are experienced as:

  • a chance to heal with a safe, supportive, non-judgmental and nurturing listener
  • an opportunity to envision possibilities again
  • a growth in observing the habits of the heart and mind
  • an improvement in assessing priorities and responsibilities
  • an act of self-love to attend to your own needs

Choosing Individual Counseling

This is an empathetic process of curious observation about your life, your environment, your nurturers and your difficulties. We believe in the inner dignity and constructiveness of your propelling capacity towards self-realization. It is a process that includes periods of crisis, mourning, reevaluation, identity deconstruction, and growth.

We are guided by a therapeutic framework that appreciates the alliance between a client and a counselor, and the safeness of space as a secure holding experience. It is a process of healing and learning to hope with resilience, to live with optimism and trusting love to guide a guarded heart.

At BN Counseling, our strategic approach of eclectic therapies comprises of:

  • Psychodynamic & Client Centered Approach
  • Cognitive and Behavioral therapies & Multicultural Counseling
  • Mindfulness, Humanistic and Existentialist therapies
  • The Myers-Briggs personality types