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Project Clutter-Buster

At BN Counseling, Project Clutter-Buster is a short-term — yet sustainable therapeutic program designed to assist individuals who struggle with managing their clutter due to the lack of an organizational skill set. These individuals often suffer with the ongoing ramifications of being unorganized, which can lead to low productivity, inconsistent time-management, as well as the overwhelming anxiety of always feeling out of control.

Project Clutter-Buster will teach you how to sort through your “junk drawers,” closets, file cabinets, stacked boxes, garages, basements, attics, etc. and differentiate between what is needed, what can be given or thrown away, and most importantly, how to re-organize the items that are kept so that they are easily accessible when needed. During treatment at BN Counseling, you will be given daily, weekly, and monthly interventions/techniques designed to sustain a clutter-free existence after treatment as long as you remain committed and motivated. By learning to “Buster the Clutter” in all aspects of your life, you will become more time-efficient, organized, dependable, competent and you will most likely feel more emotionally grounded and in control of your life.