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Brian Nandy

Brian Nandy, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor, ACS

350xSig-BrianNandyResilience is Intrinsic. Our capacity to endure, heal, evolve & love is greater than our suffering

I believe I was born to heal hearts and to heal the world by empathizing and empowering. It is a calling. It is a vocation and devotion.

3 experiences of my life helped nurture this calling. They happened when I turned thirteen:

  • I witnessed my parents’ “first” argument
  • I realized I was gay
  • I experienced poverty because of economic recession in my country.

While any of these experiences could have debilitated us, I watched as my resilient mother nurtured a spirit of endurance within my family. She fostered hope, while my father demonstrated patience. They taught us to find meaning in our struggles and to learn about our capacity to endure life’s trials.

During the following 3 years people simply opened up to me.  My own sensitivity, which I considered a bane, became a boon. At 16, I discovered the word “psychologist”. I looked it up.  Like a harmonious synergy at a deep cellular level, I had found a word that defined my calling. I wanted to become a psychologist.

Now I wake up every day grateful to have the knowledge that not only helped me heal my own life experiences, but that also clarifies my vision, mission, and message: Resilience Is Intrinsic. The ability to Empathize and Empower brings healing. People can learn to hope, live and love again.