BN Counseling, LLC

Coaching and Counseling Social, Emotional and Relational Life Management Skills

Gay Affirmative Counseling

Everyone needs someone to talk to. Our approach at BN Counseling embraces Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning/Queer (LGBTQ) identities and relationships as positive variants on the spectrum of human sexuality—and are not indicators of mental or developmental disorders.

We belief that LGBTQ individuals have the capacity to live fulfilling lives. We belief that in the essential aspects of relationships, LGBTQ individuals are capable of loving committed relationships and having families that are equal to straight relationships.

At BN Counseling we help LGBT children, teens and adults with:

  1. Fears, stresses, shame and anxieties of their LGBT identity
  2. Coming out, homophobia and transphobia
  3. Questions or confusions about their attractions and identity exploration
  4. Condemning religious beliefs, sex & sin, healthy religious integration and coping
  5. Family and career rejections and pressure to be heterosexual or “straight”
  6. Mental health concerns that come from sexuality distress
  7. Self-worth, personal health care and addictions
  8. Relationships, dating and intimacy

The empowering Gay Affirmative Therapeutic approach in our practice encourages personal growth by embracing one’s self-concept. Our therapists mindfully offer a safe and nurturing “holding experience”. Everyone is celebrated for who they are.

We also offer Standing Tall Groups for children, teens and adults, which helps with

  • Having social support and interacting with others in similar circumstances
  • Corrective [not punitive] understanding of religious beliefs and concerns
  • Receiving empathy instead of moral judgments with their dilemmas
  • learning affective and cognitive tools for identity exploration and development