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My HopeFULL Journey Workbook

On March 7, 2022, Brian Nandy, in collaboration with his Creative Director friend, Karen Yen, published My HopeFULL Journey Workbook and My HopeFULL Journey Vision Map  as a way to attend to the hopelessness that many experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the Vision Map and Workbook were ways for family and friends, as well as clients and patients to be able to engage in the creation of their preferred realities.

My Hopefull Journey Workbook

This workbook is a companion to the HopeFULL Journey Vision Map. The Workbook offers a pensive and interactive opportunity to address 18 areas of a person’s life with a series of clarifying insights and questions that uncover deeper layers of your authenticity. Each chapter functions to inspire deeper reflections to the corresponding check-points and domains of the vision map. My HopeFULL Journey Vision Map and My HopeFULL Journey Workbook are designed to be used either individually or in a group.

What you will find in each chapter are:

  • worksheets to directionally evoke and expand upon your deserving intentions
  • illustrations to color and engage with your creative mind as you wander and wonder about your higher possibilities
  • insightful and inspiring quotes to support your hopeful ideas, aspirations, and imaginations
  • questions to guide, clarify, align, and expand upon your awareness, perceptions, beliefs, and personal growth.

My HopeFULL Journey Workbook: An intuitive guide for a HopeFULL driven life can be purchased on Amazon here.