BN Counseling, LLC

Coaching and Counseling Social, Emotional and Relational Life Management Skills

Preteens / Tweens (9 – 11)

At BN Counseling, we emotionally and socially helped children with:

  1. Complex friendships, respect and civic mindedness
  2. Peer pressure and healthy decision making skills
  3. Adjustment to puberty.
  4. Body image and eating problems

Children in this age group can benefit from counseling:

  1. With prioritizing and following through with responsibilities at home and school
  2. As they begin to individuate from the family
  3. As they correlate the values of money and time with instant or delayed gratification
  4. And begin to empathize and shape their morals
  5. And practice on patience and capacity to focus

The characteristic of late childhood is the child’s sense of Ingenuity. Ingenuity is the quality of being clever, original, and inventive. Here children expand their social range and technical skills. This enables them to creatively strategies and find solutions to manage social expectations. This principle of ingenuity continues to be part of adulthood. It is the part that seeks to solve problems, to be resilient and cope with priorities and responsibilities.

Adapted from Thomas Armstrong, The Human Odyssey: Navigating the Twelve Stages of Life. New York: Sterling, 2008.