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My HopeFULL Journey Vision Map

On March 7, 2022, Brian Nandy, in collaboration with his Creative Director friend, Karen Yen, published My HopeFULL Journey Workbook and My HopeFULL Journey Vision Map   as a way to attend to the hopelessness that many experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the Vision Map and Workbook were ways for family and friends, as well as clients and patients to be able to engage in the creation of their preferred realities.

My HopeFULL Journey Vision Map was first inspired by the vision board practice. Envisioning hopeful possibilities engages various right-brain and left-brain processes. The Vision Map allows for big-picture thinking and hope-FILLED contemplations.

My HopeFULL Journey Vision Map also functions as a living contract where one can continue to change and add on newly inspired ideas. The Vision Map is designed to be framed and displayed as art where one is reminded about their hopes and dreams. We create what we pay attention to, consciously and unconsciously.

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