BN Counseling, LLC

Coaching and Counseling Social, Emotional and Relational Life Management Skills

A BNC Group Practice

BN Counseling is a group practice that is passionate in the mission of making the world a better place to live by helping heal the hearts of children, teens and adults by identifying character strengths and empowering their resilience with practical solution-focused approaches.

The caring counselors at BN Counseling each have a personal empathetic and supportive approach to solutions by integrating a network of allies, resources & tools. Guided by a “growth-mindset” framework,  our “healers” help navigate personal life’s changes and organizations to achieve their goals.

The BN Counseling therapists will coach, counsel and cheer you on through your doubts with behavioral health plans for wellness at school, work and relationships by:

  • Corporate and community presentations, workshops & Lunch Lessons
  • Group workshop, seminars and counseling
  • Individual, family and relationship counseling