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Tele-Therapy or TeleHealth is therapy via the use of a webcam by utilizing applications like VSEE or Skype or any other common messaging services.  At BN Counseling, the goal of telehealth services is to help expand our “reach” to increase access to psychotherapy and reduce the gap of effective face-to-face counseling.

Tele-Therapy is especially helpful for children, women, men with:

  • physical disabilities
  • medical Illness
  • geographically remote or underserved areas
  • highly demanding life restrictions
  • demographical, cultural, language and cost restrictions

Our practice has professionally trained therapists who provide remote assistance using phone, email, webcam and messaging to our clients who are unable to meet at the office due to life circumstances. Through telehealth, we are as committed to working with you as if you were in our office in person.

VSEE is free and HIPPA Secure and can be downloaded from

Skype is free and can be downloaded from

*Online devices of communication may not be HIPPA compliant.  Our therapists are solely responsible for their individual ways of communication being used and are solely responsible for the privacy of their clients. Telehealth is not part of the therapy process, but only an accommodation and therapeutic care for our clients.

Telemedicine Guideline

The Board of Trustees of the American Telemedicine Association has established a set of practice guidelines for telemental health. The guidelines focus on specific criteria for healthcare providers, patients and the use of technology when providing telemedicine services. For further information on the guidelines, visit

HIPAA Guidelines

HIPAA guidelines are applicable to every aspect of healthcare that involves electronic transmission, and this includes telemedicine. The main purpose of the HIPAA guidelines is to protect patient’s privacy and regulate healthcare operations. In the practice of telemedicine HIPAA requires physicians to get consent prior to any use or disclosure of confidential health information for treatment, payment, or any other operation. Specific details about HIPAA guidelines for telepsychiatry can be found at: