BN Counseling, LLC

Coaching and Counseling Social, Emotional and Relational Life Management Skills

Our Policies

Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

With some exceptions, the highly sensitive material that is discussed between you and your BNC therapist will not be shared with anyone else without your written permission. Please note the following exceptions:

  • In the case of suspected child abuse, dependent adult or elder abuse, we are mandated by law to immediately report this type of behavior to the appropriate authorities.
  • If a client threatens serious bodily harm to an identified individual(s), we are mandated by law to contact the police and inform the identified victim of potential harm.
  • If a client intends to harm him or herself, we are mandated by law to assist that person with receiving appropriate assistance that will ensure their safety.
  • The financial part of our relationship also imposes some confidentiality limits. If you are using insurance or another third party payer, our office must share certain information with them, including (but not necessarily limited to) your diagnosis and the times of your visits. If there is a managed care company, they may require us to provide additional information, such as your symptoms and your progress.

You should also understand that insurance and managed care information is often stored in national computer databases. If we find ourselves in a dispute with you over billing, our office may provide the collection company with information necessary to collect any outstanding balance.

Telephone and Email Communications Policy

As we value your time and mental health needs, all attempts to contact us via telephone or email will be reciprocated within 24 hours with the exceptions of weekends and holidays. Due to privacy concerns, we will only use these methods of communication for logistical purposes such as scheduling appointments and/or noting cancellations. If experiencing an emergency or crisis, please call 911 or visit your local emergency room immediately.

When we are out of the office for several days, the messages you leave may be answered by another counselor. We will probably not have discussed your case with that person, but he or she will make every effort to be helpful to you in our absence. If we have another professional taking calls while we are away, please realize that we have confidence that that professional is properly trained to be helpful to you. To the extent possible, we will keep you informed about when we are away from the office and when we will return.

Cancellation Policy

Weekly standing appointments are what we call “your time” meaning that we will honor “your time” in expectation of rendering you professional and courteous service on a weekly basis. Therefore, if you are unable to attend “your time,” please be aware that you will be charged for a full session if you fail to notify us within 48hrs and reschedule your appointment. Your insurance will not pay for missed sessions; you will be billed accordingly.

Billing and Payment Policy

The length of our sessions depends on the type of service you receive: An individual psychotherapy session is 45 minutes; a couple’s session is 60 minutes; and a group psychotherapy session is 90 minutes. Payment for services may be rendered by cash, check (payable to “BN Counseling”), or credit card, at the time of service, unless an alternative payment arrangement has been negotiated prior to services. A $30 fee will be imposed for all checks returned for any reason. Please keep in mind that while we are dedicated to offering you a pleasant and rewarding therapeutic experience, we do this with the expectation that you will render us that same respect and professional courtesy by honoring our payment policies.

Termination Policy

Termination is often shunned or hurried. It’s hard to say good-bye, to someone who has guarded and guided you. Another phase of individuation that may bring up an assortment of emotions like sadness, regret, anger and loss. With the sudden realization at the shortness of time, unconscious repressed emotions may emerge. Typically we require at least 4 sessions for closure. We encourage clients to set an end date to reflect the following:

  • Your growth and evolution
  • Unfinished business [if any]
  • Your sustainable self-care plans
  • To celebrate & mourn the therapeutic closure 

With some cases we require an advanced written notice for termination. The duration of this process is dependent on the inter-dynamics between the therapist and client.

Termination may be the end of a therapeutic process, but not the end of a relationship, because we continue to hold the existential meaning in our hearts. At BN Counseling, our closure is more like, Know that I am always here for you, until then, FAIR…WELL, For NOW.